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Custom Event Website

We aim to provide a website that matches your brand image. Event websites will promote the event, give detailed information about its schedule, collect registrations and payments in a centralized manner. The interface will be user-friendly, and accessible on mobile devices. The webpage will promote sponsors and build brand awareness. We assure of building a customized webpage for the future of your brand.

Customized Branding

The website is a reflection of your brand, and will sell what you want it to. We will create customized webpages for you based on your needs and the way you want to project your venture.

Mobile Friendly

We create easy-to-use and mobile accessible websites because we understand the need for light interfaces that provide easy access to detailed information.

Event Agenda

We believe in investing with a purpose and that will reflect on your event’s agenda on your webpage.

Website Support

Our experts are available for web support upon request after office hours and during weekends.

Email Marketing

At the heart of a strong event marketing strategy is the content of its email marketing campaign. Its cost effectiveness and ability to directly reach target audience is unrivaled by any other marketing avenue. Our event email marketing will increase the credibility of your firm and show it to be exemplary of online professionalism and brevity.


The success of a marketing campaign depends on post facto analysis of traffic both online and onsite. Comparing the two will give a true idea of the event’s popularity and help create future events.

Contact Management

we manage a database of your attendees and exhibitors and create exclusive contact pages of the same, based on criteria that you specify. Maintain contacts in a time when they switch jobs, change email addresses can be taxing. We help you import contacts from any source and encourage them to update their information through their profiles. We collect customized contact information like division, expertise, emergency contact information or interest.

Social Media Marketing

We use different social media outlets for their range and outreach. Twitter reaches a wide array of marketers, industry influencers, media professionals and tech-savvy audiences in a short span of time, while facebook creates a longer lasting image with constant updates. LinkedIn reaches to business professionals and specific industry experts. We cater differently through different channels and create your company’s agenda.

Event Calendar

Maintaining a timeline of events is crucial to any organizer, especially who is organizing a large scale event. It makes it easier for attendees to learn about upcoming events and stay interested in your work. This can also be uploaded onto the mobile app. Sharing links of the events with other companies and placing them on different locations on your website can maximize attendance.

Hotel & Travel Management

managing attendees’ accommodation and travel is an important part of event management, and we take additional care to ensure a trouble-free experience for your attendees.

Lead Retrieval

Creating a database of attendees and companies to be available after the event is the real result of any convention, and our self-reliant and updated registration software allows for this database to be available to the organizers at the click of a button.


What Others Say About Us ?

“With the help of the iEventGenie, a phenomenal registration system, we were able to register thousands of attendees efficiently; the interactive exhibit hall floor plan was highly appreciated by all our exhibitors and sponsors; the onsite management tools helped us to keep the lines at a minimum, printing badges took less than 30 second, and the iEventGenie staff were very professional, always available and worked long hours to have a flawless event”

—— Narendra Kumar, MD
—— President 2012-2013, AAPI USA

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  • Smartphones and Tablet PC compatible
  • Guaranteed cost savings!

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iEventGenie is a fully-functional and highly interactive web and mobile based event management software tool that will help you to streamline your registration processes and maximize staff productivity. Our solution includes online registration forms, live floor plans, event websites, badges, event marketing, credit card processing, real-time reporting and so much more.