iMobiGenie (Mobile Application)
iMobiGenie provides an engaging means for attendees to plan their attendance in advance. They can manage their profiles, alter bookings, get updated schedules, real time messages, interact with other participants and plan their travel. iMobiGenie will ensure a higher engagement rate and a rich data of what attendees are interested in, which can be used to market the next event. Participants can integrate their social media presence through this app and blog, tweet or talk about your conference on their private portals, thus providing increased visibility to your event. The more you engage the attendees and exhibitors, the better insight you get into the industry.


  • Network: Meet, Greet, Discover new Connections and send them a direct message. The app can also be used as a bulletin board to broadcast messages to the Attendees
  • Program Guide: Find out what is happening every minute during the convention. The app will post any last minute changes and notifications.
  • Highlight of the Hour: This feature on the homepage will display the programs happening every hour. Any change in program or any notification will be published immediately on the homepage.
  • Registration: Attendees receive instant access to their registration packages, tickets and  confirmation codes.
  • Exhibitor Directory: Attendees get access to the entire exhibitor directory, along with their booth numbers and exhibit hall floor plan, this helps in easy navigation around the exhibitor booth
  •  Share a Ride / Share a Room: The app can be utilized to easily find a fellow convention attendee to share a ride or even a room with. This feature can also be used to find attendees for city tour and other activities.
  • City Guide: City Guide helps the Attendees explore the entire city right through this app. Attendees can find information on Nightlife, restaurants, local attractions and more.
  • Social Media: Social media integration helps attendees know the current happenings of the convention through live Facebook & Twitter feed.
  • Speaker Information: Attendees can get information about the Speaker, access the Slides and Handouts for the session. Attendees can download or email these handouts to themselves for future reference.

Why use our Mobile App for your Convention

  • Capitalize on the growing dependence on mobile devices and provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional event materials.

  • Facilitate networking and content sharing not only during the convention but throughout the years and enhances conversations that will strengthen relationships between companies and their most important assets.

  • A flexible, scalable and customizable platform that can easily be used for multiple events.

  • Easily broadcast information to all your attendees with a click of a button.

  • Central location for attendee collaboration and engagement allowing attendees to easily navigate the sessions, speakers and materials right through their mobile device.



What do you get?

  • Comprehensive solution with all in one package
  • Flexible and complete personalized branding
  • Latest state of art technology
  • Comprehensive accounting and secure payment processing
  • Smartphones and Tablet PC compatible
  • Guaranteed cost savings!

What Others Say About Us ?

“With the help of the iEventGenie, a phenomenal registration system, we were able to register thousands of attendees efficiently; the interactive exhibit hall floor plan was highly appreciated by all our exhibitors and sponsors; the onsite management tools helped us to keep the lines at a minimum, printing badges took less than 30 second, and the iEventGenie staff were very professional, always available and worked long hours to have a flawless event”

—— Narendra Kumar, MD
—— President 2012-2013, AAPI USA

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iEventGenie is a fully-functional and highly interactive web and mobile based event management software tool that will help you to streamline your registration processes and maximize staff productivity. Our solution includes online registration forms, live floor plans, event websites, badges, event marketing, credit card processing, real-time reporting and so much more.